When are you open?

  November  to May 

  Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 1pm-4pm  



When are you closed?


       We will Close  for major holidays (Christmas eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter) and, for really bad weather...Hurricanes, High Winds, Flooding and Tornadoes



Do you have an Admission?

   We have a Suggested Donation of $10.00 per person, per admission - Children under 12 - free



Where can I Park?

We have three parking lots for use by our visitors:


Parking Lot A      2229 North Tamiami Trail - our Sculpture Garden and Parking Lot.  Enter off 22nd Street 

Parking Lot B     2121 North Tamiami Trail- the Main Museum Building. Enter directly from US 41 

Parking Lot C     2005 North Tamiami Trail - the Whimsy Waterfront Studio and Parking Lot.  Enter off Sylvan Drive


 Directions and Map 

The Marietta Musem of Art & Whimsy is located on US 41,West of the Trail, in Sarasota just north of Greater Downtown Sarasota and is nestled between Whitaker Bayou and the Ringling College of Art & Design on Sarasota's fabulous North Tamiami Trail. 




There is No Direct Entrance from US 41 to either 2229 North Tamiami Trail or 2005 North Tamiami Trail

Please use the side streets on 22nd St or Sylvan Drive





Are you ADA accessible?

  Yes. We are ADA accessible. Please bring your own wheelchair.


Can I bring my dog?   

  We all love dogs, BUT please  do not  bring yours!   


No animals or dogs allowed in carriers, handbags, backpacks, strollers or in a Visitor's  arms or on their neck.

 We do allow Trained Service Animals as permitted by the Federal Americans with Disabilities law and Florida Law

  that are trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.


A Trained Service Animal is not a pet.  To determine the difference between a trained service animal and a pet, we will ask what work or tasks the animal has been trained to perform. If the Visitor refuses to answer these questions, then it can be assumed that the animal is NOT a trained service animal and the animal must leave.


The trained service animal must be be on the ground, with a leash and under direct control of the Visitor with the Disability at all times.

If the animal is out of control, growling, snapping, biting, or unable to control it's bodily functions, then the Visitor will be asked to remove the animal. The Visitor will be allowed back in, but not the animal.


Other Animal Notes    


               We share this property with the local wildlife such as racoons, possum, black snakes, lizards, and mosquitos.  Please let us know if you should find some racoon poo, try not to step in it, and notify a volunteer.  Please try not to terrorize the black snakes...they keep our rat population under control and we only have one black snake at present. 
              PS   We are all volunteers!


No Smoking anything legal or illegal. Including no e-cigarettes or vaping in the museum or on the grounds...including entryways, gardens, and parking lots



Can I photograph the artwork and vegetation with a camera? 

   YES! Snapshots are allowed with CELL PHONES ONLY! 

No Long, Medium, or Short Lenses, No Compact, Sub-Compact Cameras, NO IPads, and No Selfie Sticks

No Commercial Photography or Commercial Video is permitted


   This includes: No selling, reproducing, publishing, distributing or transferring any photography or videos even if it is for "Personal use"


Why cell phones only ? Why are you so strict about other cameras?

1.  Most of the artwork you see here is made by Living Professional Artists who make their living by selling their artwork. 

2.  We are trying to help protect their copyright.  (Some of their images have already been stolen, reproduced, and sold.)

3.  The museum is actually very small, other people might bump into you or you might bump into them.

4.  When you go out to dinner tonight with your friends, you probably will not bring your big camera, but we hope that you will share your cell phone images with your friends. 



 Can I bring in Food or drinks? 

Water only.  We do provide fruited water.



What can I or my family touch?


Please use your very best good judgement.  In general, please do not touch the artwork inside the museum unless assisted by a Volunteer.  Please do not sit on the chairs obviously painted or made by an artist.

Some of the artwork was designed to be interactive and the Volunteers will assist you.   

The Lee Family gardens were designed for your enjoyment.  You'll find a variety of sculptures, plants, windchimes, and games such as Dominos, Checkers and Chess.   Please do not climb on or try to rock the sculptures or landscape features.


Can I schedule a wedding, reception, or other event? 

Not at this time 



  Thank you for your help keeping this museum a nice clean place to visit! 




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